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Download PointerWare:

Dec 2016

(60 MB)

Trouble downloading?

Some versions of Internet Explorer experience difficulties downloading PointerWare. If you see an error such as this one: Take the following steps:

1. In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, and select "Internet Options" (the last menu item)

2. One the first screen of the Internet Options, you will see a "Browsing history" area. Click on "Delete" as shown.

3. On the next screen click 'Delete' and wait for the operation to be performed.

4. Click on the PointerWare download again, and select 'Run'. You should now be able to install PointerWare without an error. If the error continues, please contact us.

Need help installing?

Although PointerWare, itself, is designed to be an easy-to-use software, installing PointerWare can be rather confusing for those who have never installed a Windows program before. There are a number of screens and prompts that you will encounter during the installation and you will have a few choices to make. Please refer to the Installation Guide for detailed instructions on how to install and configure PointerWare.
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