Mini Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell hardware?

No, only software. But check out our hardware recommendations from Asus, Dell & HP found at Best Buy.

Do I need a touch screen?

No! PointerWare works great with a mouse and is still super-easy to use!

Can residents get a personal copy for their own room?

Yes! The PointerWare license for your facility allows residents to have an account on a public terminal or in their own private room.

Benefits to Senior Living Facilities

Competitive Differentiator for your Facility
  • Unique service that shows well to prospective customers touring your facility
  • Display to the public at trade shows at your booth
  • Invite seniors from the wider community to your residence to view 'unique seniors-friendly computer'
Profit Generation & Facility Branding

  • Facilities may charge residents for use, or offer it as a free perk
  • PointerWare license covers the software running on a common public terminal and also in a resident's personal suite
  • Can be branded with your residence name, logo and email address domain (e.g.
Extremely Affordable

  • $6.49 / user per month
  • Free, no-commitment, 60 day trial
  • Payment adaptable to usage - only pay for the users who actively use the system
Zero Administration

  • New users up-and-running with 5 minutes of training
  • Centralized administration via PointerWare website
  • Remote desktop support
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing  IT infrastructure
Improved Quality of Care

  • Brain stimulation may reduce onset of dementia
  • Email and photos from loved ones decreases isolation and loneliness
  • Seniors feel confident and empowered knowing they're using a computer
Secure, Automatic Upgrades, High Service
  • 1-800 phone support line
  • New features upgraded automatically
  • Service independent of your existing IT
  • Secure


Case Studies

Assisted Living & Retirement Residences

Windermere on the Mount - London, ON

"We show PointerWare on every tour."
Nursing Facilities & Long Term Care

Sterling Presyterian Manor - Sterling, KS

"When mom sends me an e-mail it is extra special."
Scientific Studies

Association of Gerentology and Geriatrics 2009

Seniors up to 70% Faster using PointerWare

Multi-user Capability

Private Resident Accounts

  • Each resident gets their own individual login and password

  • Multiple password types to suit the ability of the resident (e.g. birth month, room number, conventional password)
  • Each resident's data is completely separate from the other residents
  • Rec staff or volunteers can add / delete accounts over the web

Public or Private Workstations

  • A resident may use their account on the public PointerWare system AND also have their own version of PointerWare installed on their own private computer in their suite.

  • Both accounts will be synchronized

Easy to Expand

  • Start with one PointerWare workstation, and expand from there
  • No extra cost per workstation
  • Resident accounts automatically synchronize across all workstation

Customized Platform

Customize the Main Menu

  • Add sub-menus, games, brain fitness, Internet telephone applications, etc...
  • Add standard Windows programs to the PointerWare menus
  • Add any website to the PointerWare menus

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